Body Rubs

How getting Body Rubs benefits your health

Todayís society is almost fanatical in itís search for a quick fix. When we have a health problem we go to a drug store or doctor and ask for the pill that will fix it, and they are usually quick to oblige. We can pop a pill for complaints from a headache to high blood pressure to skin rashes and muscle complaints. Itís fantastic that we live in an age we can do this, suppress a problem and get on with what life is all about - working.

Not really. But that is the reality of how a large portion of the medical profession treats our health. It is a constant process of patching up the symptoms of a problem so we can get back to our jobs, but not going so far as to cure anything, less they lose your recurring business. Itís important to realize that doctors are a business. Even hospitals are a business. And businesses like repeat customers.

When you start thinking of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in this light, and realizing how much money you spend giving them your recurring business, it becomes more and more appealing to look at forms of preventative therapy. One of the very best preventative therapies available is to get body rubs from a registered therapist. Studies have suggested that up to 90% of disease is attributable to stress and getting body rubs has long been known to remove stress and tension from the system.

But the benefits of a massage go far beyond mere stress relief. Because getting body rubs calms the nervous system the recipient is left with a sense of well being and relaxation. Massage also helps improve the circulatory system, which improves the delivery of oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the bodies cells. Cells that do not receive the required nutrients will not function as efficiently, are more vulnerable to attacks of viruses and may even begin to break down.

The improved health from the increased oxygen flow is also extremely beneficial to the muscles. Body rubs have been a part of the build up to elite athletes sports events for some time, because the healthier muscle is less likely to suffer from cramp. Many athletes still ask for body rubs on the day of their event to prepare the muscles for the exertion of competing at the highest level. Athletes are also less likely to experience spasms if they have received preparatory work from a massage therapist, and are in the habit of having relaxing body rubs to help the muscles recover after a serious workout.

There is ample evidence that getting regular body rubs also enhances the efficiency of the bodies lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a series of small tubes called lymph vessels which run throughout the body and performs the vital roles of fighting infection and bacteria, and breaking down and disposing of waste products in the system. This means that not only does the massage therapy increase the efficient operation of our bodies on an ongoing basis, but getting body rubs regularly will also increase our chances of fighting off foreign bodies such as bacteria.

While most of the ongoing benefits of massage are pre-emptive in nature, body rubs are also useful in the treatment of many conditions. Not only does the recipient receive all the positive results already mentioned, but a skilled massage therapist can be most effective delivering body rubs for pain management. Arthritis victims are one of the examples of chronic conditions which can be eased by massage therapy. Burn victims and sciatica patients also respond well to body rubs as a way of managing pain and hastening recovery.

Body rubs have one more benefit over the drugs that the medical sector will so often ply us with. They feels great. Sadly this is often one of the reasons that they are avoided. We are so tied up in working hard and put our own comfort and needs on hold so readily, that we actually feel a little guilty when we Ďindulge ourselvesí with something like a massage. Thatís for you to deal with, but you will see above that getting regular body rubs is more than a self-indulgence, it can be an important element in a comprehensive preventative health routine.

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